Registration fee's 2017
Friday: Practice & dinner
Greenfee1 € 0€ 20
& Dinner
 € 55€ 65
Saturday: IDHO
Players2 € 80€ 90
Visitors3 € 2€ 4
Press free

1 for players, per person, when staying on the estate the greenfee is included
2 Includes fee for 1 visitor

Heidegolf Ullerberg

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Participants IDHO 2017
Britta Nord95(46)
Lily Waller97(49)
Ria Frenken115(60)
Barbara Nettelbladt119(57)
Petra Manders119(60)
Helga Scholz-Dinger128(67)
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries132(68)
Wilma van Rijn136(68)
Caroline Bergmann140(70)
Iain Forrester74(36)
Perry Somers82(41)
Brian Gee82(42)
Boris Lietzow88(43)
Markus Kümmerle89(42)
Michael Edin93(47)
NYD (Jeroen) Knickerbocker (Manders)94(50)
Peter Scholz105(52)
André Dubbeldam105(53)
Bengt Franzon110(58)
Martin Frenken126(61)
Willem Themmen128(64)
Johan van Dam131(65)
Ferd Vrijmoed131(66)
Peter Kerstens136(75)
Boris Lietzow88(40)
André Dubbeldam105(36)
Iain Forrester74(34)
NYD (Jeroen) Knickerbocker (Manders)94(33)
Markus Kümmerle89(33)
Peter Scholz105(31)
Michael Edin93(29)
Britta Nord95(27)
Brian Gee82(26)
Perry Somers82(26)
Helga Scholz-Dinger128(25)
Caroline Bergmann140(22)
Peter Kerstens136(22)
Ferd Vrijmoed131(22)
Johan van Dam131(20)
Petra Manders119(19)
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries132(19)
Lily Waller97(18)
Barbara Nettelbladt119(18)
Willem Themmen128(17)
Martin Frenken126(16)
Bengt Franzon110(16)
Wilma van Rijn136(14)
Ria Frenken115(9)

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