Events in 2018
Bleijenbeek 21 Apr
Zandvoort 27 May
Burg Zievel June
IDHO 2018 21, 22 Sep
Nunspeet 23 Sep
Domburg 7 Oct
IDHO 2018
The IDHO 2018 will be held on Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22. On Friday the course is open to players to play a practice round. In the evening there will be the opening reception and dinner.
The tournament is played on Saturday (lunch included) and the prize ceremony will be at the end of the day.

Friday, September 21
09:00 Course open for practise rounds
17:00 Opening IDHO 2018
17:15 Reception
19:00 IDHO Dinner
22:00 End of program

Saturday, September 22
09:00 Players welcome
09:30 First round
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Second round
16:30 Prize ceremony
20:00 End of program

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Registration for the IDHO 2018 open!

The new hickory year has started with a bang and the tournaments of the Dutch Hickory Tour at Bleijenbeek and The Dunes have already been successfully played.

After the matches in Geijsteren and Burg Ziefel (Germany), it is time for the 9th IDHO on the Ullerberg on September 21 til 22.

Traditionally, the IDHO opens with the reception and hickory dinner in the Grote Huis on the estate. This year we will again try to match the beauty and splendour of our visitors with the quality of our wildlife and the selection of our wines (this wine comes with a message, and the message is ...).

On matchday, the now well known rustic lunch will be served on the terrace of the Boshuis and the day will be finished with the prize ceremony, a drink and a small bite in the Grote Huis.

Please note: registration fee's include drinks.

We do look forward to see you at the IDHO on the Ullerberg!

Register now for the 9th IDHO

Nunspeet Hickory Champioship September 23, 2018

A novelty this year is the Nunspeet Hickory Champioship (NHC) that will be held on the Sunday directly following the IDHO: September 23, 2018. The NHC will end in a prize ceremony where a high tea will be served. This is a perfect opportunity to spend a complete weekend in hickory bliss and participate in two hickory tournaments.

Now registration for the Nunspeet Hickory Championship can also be done through the IDHO site: Click here.

Till September 2018 at the IDHO and the NHC!

Results IDHO 2017
Madeleine van den Houten
Britta Nord95(46)
Lily Waller97(49)
Ria Frenken115(60)
Barbara Nettelbladt119(57)
Petra Manders119(60)
Helga Scholz-Dinger128(67)
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries132(68)
Wilma van Rijn136(68)
Caroline Bergmann140(70)
Iain Forrester74(36)
Perry Somers82(41)
Brian Gee82(42)
Boris Lietzow88(43)
Markus Kümmerle89(42)
Michael Edin93(47)
NYD (Jeroen) Knickerbocker (Manders)94(50)
Peter Scholz105(52)
André Dubbeldam105(53)
Bengt Franzon110(58)
Martin Frenken126(61)
Willem Themmen128(64)
Johan van Dam131(65)
Ferd Vrijmoed131(66)
Peter Kerstens136(75)
Madeleine van den Houten
Boris Lietzow88(40)
André Dubbeldam105(36)
Iain Forrester74(34)
NYD (Jeroen) Knickerbocker (Manders)94(33)
Markus Kümmerle89(33)
Peter Scholz105(31)
Michael Edin93(29)
Britta Nord95(27)
Brian Gee82(26)
Perry Somers82(26)
Helga Scholz-Dinger128(25)
Caroline Bergmann140(22)
Peter Kerstens136(22)
Ferd Vrijmoed131(22)
Johan van Dam131(20)
Petra Manders119(19)
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries132(19)
Lily Waller97(18)
Barbara Nettelbladt119(18)
Willem Themmen128(17)
Martin Frenken126(16)
Bengt Franzon110(16)
Wilma van Rijn136(14)
Ria Frenken115(9)

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