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IDHO 2018 21, 22 Sep
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IDHO 2018
The IDHO 2018 will be held on Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22. On Friday the course is open to players to play a practice round. In the evening there will be the opening reception and dinner.
The tournament is played on Saturday (lunch included) and the prize ceremony will be at the end of the day.

Friday, September 21
09:00 Course open for practise rounds
17:00 Opening IDHO 2018
17:15 Reception
19:00 IDHO Dinner
22:00 End of program

Saturday, September 22
09:00 Players welcome
09:30 First round
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Second round
16:30 Prize ceremony
20:00 End of program

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IDHO 2017

Traditionally the IDHO kicked of with a well visited reception and dinner in the Grote Huis. 18 guests with several first timers such as Francine Boske, Helga Scholz, Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, Peter Kerstens, Markus Kümmerle and Johan van Dam bravely faced the various bits and pieces of food and drink that were thrown at them by the IDHO staff, to create that fabulous inclusive atmosphere that is the signature of the IDHO

IDHO Dinner

A steady drizzle accompagnied the players all day during the 8th IDHO. However, unhampered by the dreary circumstances and the cold, Britta Nord and Iain Forrester delivered their strokes imperturbably, to lay their hands on the much coveted title of winner of the International Dutch Hickory Open 2017 and to be recorded on the winners board of the IDHO.

Britta Nord and Iain Forrester

Mr. Forrester was exceptionally impressive with his score of 74 strokes, 2 above par and a stunning 8 strokes ahead of the nearest competition which consisted of nobody less than Perry Somers and Brian Gee. Those two, both being troublemakers of some sort, rose to this occasion by both ending with 82 strokes. A slightly awkward discussion ensued about the geriatric qualities of both players, but in the end all this was settled, as so much in life nowadays, by the computer who split the two contestants on the basis of their score on the 2nd 9 holes, making Perry 2nd and Brian 3rd.
For the ladies, Lily Waller came in 2nd with 97 strokes, two behind a swirling Britta. Ria Frenken accentuated her debut at the IDHO with a 3rd place with 115 strokes.

Tableau de la troupe

Iain indeed played so well that he came in as 3rd in the Stableford ranking, which, in style with this event, is practically unheard of.
Boris Lietzow finally saw the fruits of his relentless practicing and won the Stableford competition ahead of André Dubbeldam and Iain. Some, no doubt out of petty jealousy, suggested that this might be due to the fact that Boris and André were in the same flight, stated that their cards were either lost or unreadable, and handed in their countersigned cards filled in from their infallible memories. If we were to believe this, which we emphaticallydo not, we would congratulate these men with their astuteness. As it is, we congratulate them with their accomplishment.

Wilma van Rijn, André Dubbeldam en Boris Lietzow

Finally, the most coveted prize of Best Dressed was won by Wilma van Rijn (136 strokes) and hornblower Willem Themmen (128 strokes) who both brought style and splendour to an otherwise grey day.

Wilma van Rijn and Willem Themmen

Happy faces and improving weatherconditions marked the end of another great edition of the International Dutch Hickory Open. We look forward to see all of you and more at the IDHO 2018!

The IDHO Team

Results IDHO 2017
Britta Nord95(46)
Lily Waller97(49)
Ria Frenken115(60)
Barbara Nettelbladt119(57)
Petra Manders119(60)
Helga Scholz-Dinger128(67)
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries132(68)
Wilma van Rijn136(68)
Caroline Bergmann140(70)
Iain Forrester74(36)
Perry Somers82(41)
Brian Gee82(42)
Boris Lietzow88(43)
Markus Kümmerle89(42)
Michael Edin93(47)
NYD (Jeroen) Knickerbocker (Manders)94(50)
Peter Scholz105(52)
André Dubbeldam105(53)
Bengt Franzon110(58)
Martin Frenken126(61)
Willem Themmen128(64)
Johan van Dam131(65)
Ferd Vrijmoed131(66)
Peter Kerstens136(75)
Boris Lietzow88(40)
André Dubbeldam105(36)
Iain Forrester74(34)
NYD (Jeroen) Knickerbocker (Manders)94(33)
Markus Kümmerle89(33)
Peter Scholz105(31)
Michael Edin93(29)
Britta Nord95(27)
Brian Gee82(26)
Perry Somers82(26)
Helga Scholz-Dinger128(25)
Caroline Bergmann140(22)
Peter Kerstens136(22)
Ferd Vrijmoed131(22)
Johan van Dam131(20)
Petra Manders119(19)
Maria Vrijmoed-de Vries132(19)
Lily Waller97(18)
Barbara Nettelbladt119(18)
Willem Themmen128(17)
Martin Frenken126(16)
Bengt Franzon110(16)
Wilma van Rijn136(14)
Ria Frenken115(9)

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