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Bleijenbeek 21 Apr
Zandvoort 27 May
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Geijsteren 25 Aug.
IDHO 2018 21, 22 Sep
Nunspeet 23 Sep
Domburg 7 Oct
IDHO 2018
The IDHO 2018 will be held on Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22. On Friday the course is open to players to play a practice round. In the evening there will be the opening reception and dinner.
The tournament is played on Saturday (lunch included) and the prize ceremony will be at the end of the day.

Friday, September 21
09:00 Course open for practise rounds
17:00 Opening IDHO 2018
17:15 Reception
19:00 IDHO Dinner
22:00 End of program

Saturday, September 22
09:00 Players welcome
09:30 First round
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Second round
16:30 Prize ceremony
20:00 End of program

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IDHO 2018

18 Guests gathered in the Grote Huis on Friday, September 22nd for the reception and dinner of the IDHO. Among them several new faces such as Hans and Betty van den Bosch, Gustavo Barrios and John the Bruin. Dominant topic of the conversation was The Links Valley, the new 9-hole golf course on the estate, which was played that day by several participants, an experience that was much appreciated by all.

while stresslevels in the kitchen soared, Kitchen staff

Sress levels soared but Marga Kuiper, Quintus Abeln and Louise Jonker stayed in control.

the guests moved over to the dining room where they received a reading of the menu by their host. This is rather necessary as the menu generally raises more questions than it answers. Menu

The menu with the wines on the left and edibles on the right.

In this context Perry Somers rightly raised the question of how many deer had to be shot for the main course.

IDHO Diner

The reading of the menu.

This was followed by a special and exceptionally 'gezellig' meal which was accompagnied by a fine selection of excellent german wines. It must be mentioned that the host had to admit that some of them came from areas of Germany nowadays occupied by Italy and Spain.

Bloody Course

The bloody course waiting to be served.

With 27 players, of whom jeune arrivée Madeleine van den Houten unfortunately had to withdraw at the last moment on strict order of her physiotherapist, the 9th IDHO again carried more players than the year before. After the traditional gathering at the Boshuis and the announcement of the flights, the players went for it. Menno Beelen knew a flying start and rattled the equianimity of Brian Gee by playing under par for a while. With the ladies, behind the absolute favorites Lily Waller and Britta Nord, a fierce fight for third place developed between Petra Manders and Yvonne van Mulken.

In the end, Lily Waller proved no match for Britta Nord who became the first player to win the IDHO three times in a row.

Menno was unable to maintain his initial brio and, while keeping Perry Somers behind him, had to give way to Iain Forrester and Brian Gee. Thus it came to pass that, undoubtly to his great relief, Brian Gee won the IDHO 2018 in the category men. Brian dedicated his prize to Helga Scholz who, with charming geese-talk, distracted him from the pressure put on him by Perry, Menno and Iain.

André Dubbeldam scored the most stableford points this year, followed closely by John de Bruin and Peter Scholz. This resulted in a small and spontaneous eruption of joy by André and John.

Spontane vreugdeuitbarsting

Sponataneous eruption of joy by André Dubbeldam and John de Bruin.

Best-Dressed of the men went to John de Bruin for his daring combination of traditional patterns and pink candy colors. For the ladies, despite enormous competition by, among others, Petra Manders and Bernadette Callewaert, the prize went to our Miss Hickory Wilma van Rijn for her spirit, style and irresistable class.

This concluded a rather memorable, if somewhat wet, edition of the International Dutch Hickory Open and everybody retired early to prepare for Nunspeet Hickory Championship that was to be played the next day.

Next year, the IDHO will see its 10th edition. It will in principle be held in September on the first weekend after the KLM-Open. There are some ambitious plans to organise this event in combination with not only Nunspeet, but also The Links Valley, spanning two or three days. We look forward to see you there and will keep you posted about the developments.

The IDHO Team

Results IDHO 2018
Britta Nord92(47)
Lily Waller99(48)
Petra Manders110(50)
Yvonne van Mulken110(53)
Barbara Nettelbladt123(64)
Bernadette Callewaert126(61)
Wilma van Rijn127(66)
Helga Scholz-Dinger134(70)
Betty van den Bosch142(73)
Brian Gee74(40)
Iain Forrester76(37)
Menno Beelen78(37)
Perry Somers79(38)
Davey van Mulken90(45)
Gustavo Barrios92(46)
Michael Edin92(47)
Jeroen Manders93(44)
Florus Josten93(45)
Bengt Franzon98(50)
John de Bruin101(53)
Peter Scholz103(59)
Markus Grossmann104(49)
Peter van Pelt104(53)
Andre Dubbeldam107(59)
Johan van Dam132(65)
Hans van den Bosch135(69)
Andre Dubbeldam107(36)
John de Bruin101(35)
Peter Scholz103(35)
Brian Gee74(34)
Bernadette Callewaert126(32)
Iain Forrester76(32)
Menno Beelen78(31)
Britta Nord92(30)
Michael Edin92(30)
Jeroen Manders93(30)
Perry Somers79(29)
Yvonne van Mulken110(28)
Bengt Franzon98(27)
Peter van Pelt104(27)
Markus Grossmann104(25)
Wilma van Rijn127(24)
Helga Scholz-Dinger134(23)
Petra Manders110(22)
Johan van Dam132(20)
Lily Waller99(19)
Davey van Mulken90(19)
Florus Josten93(18)
Gustavo Barrios92(17)
Barbara Nettelbladt123(17)
Hans van den Bosch135(14)
Betty van den Bosch142(9)

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